Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eye Candy

Back from the Gem Shows.....
It's hard to describe how happy these beads make me. I don't even want to cut into the strands. They are sooooo beautiful, I just want to leave them on my coffee table, facets glimmering, tassels cheering up the room. I'll probably be selling some strands off on and using the others in my designs. If you see any you absolutly have to have let me know and I'll reserve a listing for you... As soon as I work up the courage to cut into their cute little tasseled strands.

I lucked out and scored a bunch of juicy neon colored Chalcedony. Including some amazing microfaceted natural Peruvian Blue briolettes (they are on the far left) and some great hot pink briolettes. Here’s the Chalcedony group…

Some great colors that remind me of autumn...
And here’s the eye candy…

Look at these tassels!!


  1. I love beads and these are all soooo beautiful!

    They make me smile:) I can see how it'll be difficult to part with them!

  2. Those are GORGEOUS! I jsut came across your blog via your earwire tutorial that I saw on Totally Tutorials. It's great! I'd love to link to it if you didn't mind.