Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Using Google Analytics for Etsy

I’m a little geeky sometimes… rumor has it my job title is “Economist”. I’ve got Google Analytics set up for both this blog as well as my Etsy page. Although I’m still learning how to interpret the statistics it gives and I’m relatively sure I’m not using it to it’s full potential, I am finding out some interesting things.

Interesting things about this blog: I’ve had visits from people in United States, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Australia. Wow! The internet really is the Global highway.

If you aren’t using Analytics I suggest you start! It’s free and gives some good info. For example it can tell you when the ideal time to list or renew items in your Etsy store. How you ask? Easy:

1. From your Analytics page click “view report” for your Etsy site. (Click here for info on how to create Analytics for your Etsy page.)
2. Click “visitors” on the left hand menu.
3. Click “visitor trending” from the submenu left.
4. Click “Visits” from the sub-submenu on the left.
5. Above the graph there is a little “Graph by” thingie – click the watch face next to those words, this will switch your view to see what the views per hour are. (Note you can specify a specific day or range of days by adjusting the date range in the upper right corner.)

For this excersize I recommend using data from the past month, look at the time slots that you have the most views. This means that your store traffic is high during that hour (averaged over the range of days you selected). It is best if you list new items during times when your view counts are high since that is when people are browsing your store.

Please post any questions in the comment section! If you are looking for some more info on how to use Google Analytics check out these links.
Creative Techs
Official Blogger Blog

Monday, April 27, 2009

Upcoming tutorial

The residual affect of the showcase is an increase in views for all items in my store. I'm not sure what is causing it, since the showcase is over (and it's nifty link directly to my store is gone). I am happy about it, but I'd love to know what is causing the increase.

In later news… Like these earrings?

Thought you might. I’m gong to be doing a tutorial of how to make them, so check back!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Showcase Results

Results!! The item I listed had 60 views during the showcase.Other items in my store were also viewed (though nowhere near as often as the item in the showcase) total views for *all other* items in my store was 47. So as you can see 60 views for the item in the showcase compared to only 47 views for other items in my store. I'd say it was successful, I received about 4 new hearts, but no sales :( I'd try it again. It def generated a lot of interest in the store, and I think the more people who see the store the more it will get around the Etsyvers and the more likely to get in a treasury (which I think is a great marketing tool).All told I payed about 7 cents for every view. Not to horrible.

For anyone who didn't check out the showcase here is the item I had up:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Showcase spot is generating an increase in view so far but no sales! I did have a sale last night, unexpected – right when I listed the item it went. Very exciting. I’ll post a full rundown of the stats tomorrow.

I’ve stocked up on some beautiful cherry quartz briolette. These beauties are huge. I’m trying to find some really interesting unique beads. I want to find things that aren’t the standard for my summer collection, bright tropical colors, huge nuggets, druzys.

Here’s a taste of my newest finds. Huge black tourmaline nuggets, I'm thinking rings... shiny
bijoux rings!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I’m always full of opinions and advice, and now, thanks to Blogger, I get to share them with the world! Wheeeee.

I’ll try to stay focused – focused on what you ask? Crafting hand made goodies, designing accessories and jewelry, etsy, selling, and a minimum amount of other interesting things.

First things first, this is an Etsy post. I’ve booked a spot in the accessories showcase on April 23rd. I’d like to make this a follow along, interactive type experience. Check out my Etsy store now, http://www.anastassiadesigns.etsy.com/ and also after the showcase. You can see how it worked for me and hopefully that will help other Etsians to decide if they want to spring for a spot in the showcase as well.