Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New kittens

So it’s been a crazy summer. I’ve been studying for the LSATs trying to get two businesses up and on their feet, working the 9-5, pampering well loved a sick old kitty… then getting new kittens adjusted to the house. But now, after my hiatus I’m back and with new impediments - just try to make jewelry with these little monsters around.

Sierra, Abbi, and Tatoosh in a rare moment of stillness.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to make jewelry but I’ve been busy this week working on big bijoux rings. Here are two custom pieces I’ve done.

I’m in loooove with these beads, they are from my newest supplier. They are dyed moonstone and the color is absolutely amazing, like a ripe raspberry and there are flashes of blue fire crazy. I’ll be listing some of the stones on www.modernmetals.etsy .com soon.

This is a long overdue custom order for a great lady I met at my first craft show. It’s for a wedding she’s going to be in… maybe the rest of the wedding party will want one too ;)

I’m thinking of doing a ring making tutorial. What do you think? I find them pretty simple to make does everyone else agree or would you like to see a tutorial?

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  1. The kittens are adorable.

    I'd like top see a ring tutorial, please.