Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Using Google Analytics for Etsy

I’m a little geeky sometimes… rumor has it my job title is “Economist”. I’ve got Google Analytics set up for both this blog as well as my Etsy page. Although I’m still learning how to interpret the statistics it gives and I’m relatively sure I’m not using it to it’s full potential, I am finding out some interesting things.

Interesting things about this blog: I’ve had visits from people in United States, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Australia. Wow! The internet really is the Global highway.

If you aren’t using Analytics I suggest you start! It’s free and gives some good info. For example it can tell you when the ideal time to list or renew items in your Etsy store. How you ask? Easy:

1. From your Analytics page click “view report” for your Etsy site. (Click here for info on how to create Analytics for your Etsy page.)
2. Click “visitors” on the left hand menu.
3. Click “visitor trending” from the submenu left.
4. Click “Visits” from the sub-submenu on the left.
5. Above the graph there is a little “Graph by” thingie – click the watch face next to those words, this will switch your view to see what the views per hour are. (Note you can specify a specific day or range of days by adjusting the date range in the upper right corner.)

For this excersize I recommend using data from the past month, look at the time slots that you have the most views. This means that your store traffic is high during that hour (averaged over the range of days you selected). It is best if you list new items during times when your view counts are high since that is when people are browsing your store.

Please post any questions in the comment section! If you are looking for some more info on how to use Google Analytics check out these links.
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  1. This is really helpful, thanks :0)

  2. Thank you..It seems like there is always something to discover with GA !

  3. Thank you so much for this! It's helped me so much!

  4. thank you - I have been using analytics for a while primarily to understans what my traffic sources are. The hour thing is new to me! Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you so much for this advice. I have been feeling a little lost with Google Analytics, but this gives me a new area to keep an eye on when people visit my site.
    Thanks :)