Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Showcase Results

Results!! The item I listed had 60 views during the showcase.Other items in my store were also viewed (though nowhere near as often as the item in the showcase) total views for *all other* items in my store was 47. So as you can see 60 views for the item in the showcase compared to only 47 views for other items in my store. I'd say it was successful, I received about 4 new hearts, but no sales :( I'd try it again. It def generated a lot of interest in the store, and I think the more people who see the store the more it will get around the Etsyvers and the more likely to get in a treasury (which I think is a great marketing tool).All told I payed about 7 cents for every view. Not to horrible.

For anyone who didn't check out the showcase here is the item I had up:

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